Saturday, October 1, 2011

Where have I been

Ok, a little while back three months ago I said I was going to write a post every Friday..... Well, as one of my sewing friends put it, some of the time life gets in the way of your sewing.

We went on vacation in Aug.  I'd planned to get a post up about sewing on vinyl making boat cushions, but ran out of time before we left.  Vacation is at our northern MN cabin, which is also our retirement home, and there is no good internet.  The only thing we have there now is connected to the phone (land line) and slow dial up.  So writing blogs, uploading photos etc just doesn't happen.  Any attempt takes forever and things time out before it completes.  The county has a grant for broad band so in a couple years.....things should be wonderful!  Our cell phones don't work there either.  But I did get a lot of sewing done.  A few things for my Artfire shop but mostly clothes for the grandkids!  Jake loves Thomas the Train and Cars, and I found both fabrics at Walmart on the trip.  Emily is happy in most anything girlie.  And Evan is too young (almost 6 months) to tell me what he wants.

Before August ended I flew to my daughters to help with the twins as she'd scheduled some jaw surgery.  An old problem that now they catch and correct in little kids, but didn't when she was a kid.  She's recovering fine since her surgery.  I got to spend about a week there, and got a few photos of Jake and Emily in some of those new clothes I'd made.  Hurricane Irene hit CT while I was there and we were without power for 20 hours.  Long enough for food in frig to spoil. 

I flew back to MI in time for my classes to start.  I have two freshman chemistry lectures and two of the labs.  It's a new text book, so that's requiring extra work preparing my notes to match the book.  Then my husband had surgery. I had exams in my classes those days since someone had to cover them for me, while I was at the hospital.  Now he's home and doing well.  So things have settled down a bit closer to 'normal', which for me is a little bit crazy anyway.  

Now to upload some of those photos -of kids in their new clothes, to get back to writing about boat cushions, and to even finish the last of those boat cushions.  But thought I'd at least put up a note about not dropping off the planet or some such.

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