Thursday, May 12, 2011

KCWC Day 1, spring 2011

This week is Kids Clothing Week Challenge Spring 2011 sew along organized by Elsie Marley (see details  The idea is that you spent at least 1 hour per day working on something for your kids, only in my case it'll be for my grandkids.  A couple of weeks ago I posted about the Thomas the Train shirt I'd made for Jake.  So Mother's Day I started making a dress for his twin sister, Emily.  I'd seen this cute McCall's pattern 6310 ( and a yellow eyelet fabric that looked so much like spring, that I thought would be perfect for dress A.

I'm going to make the purse too, as Emily loves to carry a purse, but I've only got as far as cutting out the purse.  I actually started on the dress on Sunday, and finished it Monday, so I'm calling it a Day 1 item, even though it's taken me most of the week to get the photos and get it out there.  Obviously the dress took more than 1 hour to make.

It has a left side-zipper and the shoulder straps cover over in the back.

I've added the photos to the Elsie Marley group on Flickr as well.


  1. That dress is darling! And it looks like it is a fairly straight-forward-quick-to-complete garment. Yes?

  2. Yes, the pattern was very clear and easy to follow. I did most of it in an afternoon.


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