Sunday, July 24, 2011

Photos Emily's Family Reunion and Matching Doll Dress

Back on July 4 I wrote a post about making the doll dress to match Emily's Oliver+S Family Reunion Dress.  By the end of that week the package was shipped off to my daughter, and we went out of town for my husband's family reunion.  My son-in-law posted some photos in the Family Reunion Flickr account for me while we were away.  And I'm just getting to post some of them here.

Normally Emily keeps her doll without any clothes on her and sort of throws her around.  But...there was a huge change after the matching dresses arrived.  Emily didn't want to tke her dress off.  She  wanted to sleep in it.  And she dressed the doll, carried her around with her all day, and wouldn't let anyone else take it from her.  Of course, Grandma was thrilled about all this!!!

Emily's dress fit her just fine, but the doll's was a bit tight.  Next time it should be about 1/2" bigger.  Considering the problems I had making the doll pattern, I was pretty happy that it wasn't  worse than that!  In the photo below she's dressing her doll.  And you can see the trim on the front of the dress in this one.  I used Velcro on the doll's dress because it was what was used on the dresses that came with the doll.  And I'm not sure if Emily has learned how to do buttons yet.

The last photo shows the front of the doll's dress.  Emily was moving in this one, so it's not as clear as the previous.

So the Family Reunion Dress was a big success as far as Emily is concerned.  I already know what I want to make for her next.  I added another cute dress pattern, the Junebug, ( to my pinterest  today, but I want to make some OverMost ( for Jake first.  It's his turn for somethng new.

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