Friday, June 24, 2011

Every Friday?

So I told myself that I would write a post for the blog every Friday.  Well, as you notice there was nothing last Friday.  Am I the only one who underestimates how long everything will take?  Or do you do that too? 

A week or so before I'd gone to Haberman's to get the Oliver +S Family Reunion Dress so I'd be ready to go when the Family Reunion Dress sewalong on The Above All Fabric blog began.  Right there displayed in the pattern area was a dress pattern for a girl and her American Girl doll.  When Maddy, our 8-year old granddaughter, had spent the weekend with us she'd indicated that she would like to have a matching outfit.  The patterns were Kwik Sew 3767( for Maddy and 3771 ( for her doll. Of course, I couldn't resist!  Now all of a sudden I had dresses to make for both granddaughters and a doll.  Well, actually I'm going to make a doll dress for Emily's baby doll to match her Family Reunion one too, but I've got to make my own pattern for that, so it'll take awhile longer.  Now my next problem was that Maddy would be here the Saturday of Father's day weekend, and so I needed to finish the dress for her and her doll by then. 

Fast forward to the end of the story.  I got the dress for Maddy and her doll done by Saturday.  I didn't finish Emily's dress until the day after the sew-along finished.  I still haven't started her doll dress.  Oh, did I mention in the middle of all this I was cooking all the food for the family gathering on Father's Day?  And had to make a new tablecloth for the picnic table too?  What a week.  I spent Monday this week just catching up on housework stuff.  And then my internet went flaky Tues and Wed. So much for trying to catch up on a blog.

What I'm going to do is to write a post about Emily's dress and another about Maddy and her doll's dresses.  I think it'll be less confusing that way. So here goes..... First will be Emily's Oliver + S Family  Reunion Dress that I did with the sew-along.

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