Saturday, June 11, 2011

What I'll be doing for week June 13

Well, I'm finally starting to feel better after over a week with a bad sore throat.  Finally ended up at doctors and on antibiotics.  My best friend came down with strep and is on same meds.  Likely we both caught it when we shared that mac and cheese Wed a week ago.

Last week I did manage to get the dress made for myself that I needed for award cermony.  I learned years ago to alter a pattern using wax paper, then make a muslin and fit that on myself.  Once I'm happy with the fit, then I cut the good fabric, and can throw together the real dress in short order.  One friend said I should go through and describe that procedure, and I'll add it to the 'to do' list.  I'd need a lot of photos and didn't take any as I rushed to get the dress done.  Here's photo of my dress.

It was Simplicity 2247  I liked that it had an A, C and D cup pattern and so you didn't have to do that sizing yourself.  The fabric was something out of my stash from probably 10-12 years ago, most likely from Fanny Fabrics in Thunder Bay, ONT since my note said I had 3 meters.  I lined the dress, but not the sleeves, since the fabric was a little sheer, and I didn't a want see through dress.  Oh, I'm wearing a sea glass necklace and earrings that were birthday present, but they came from Fish Princess Designs on Artfire.

So this week should be busy.  I'll be doing the Oliver + S Family Reunion Dress sew along with the All About Fabric blog  Making dress for Emily.  And when we were at my Mom's Memorial Day weekend, my daughter asked if I could make some matching outfits for Emily and her doll.  So that's the other challenge this week is to make one for the baby doll that Emily is carrying in the photos below.  Fortunately I saw this post in Craft Daily Newsletter earlier this week about changing full size patterns to doll clothes patterns.  It was using a misses pattern and making one for Barbie, but I don't see why it wouldn't work for changing a toddler dress pattern to a baby doll one.  And Sketchup software was free download from Goggle!   So this will be a real adventure!!

And since the rest of the family will be together for Father's Day here, I want to get a dress made for Maddy and her American Girl doll.  I'm using Kwik Sew 3767 for Maddy and 3771 for the doll.  Just washed the fabric so waiting for it to dry before I start on that.  Need to finish the collar and buttons on the sweater I knitted for baby Evan too.  Should be a fun week!

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